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Our Online Chemistry Practice Exams for the Gen Chem 2 and Org Chem 1 ACS Exams are now available!

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Video Explanations are available for every test question in all Chemistry Practice Exams.

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Save your progress at any point and view results from all your attempts. Watch videos directly from the results page!

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“I just wanted to say thanks for helping me so much this semester! You helped more than you know. The ACS Practice Exam was awesome. Without the practice I would have struggled much more. So I just wanted to say thanks a ton, and I ended up getting an 84 on the Gen Chem 1 ACS Exam and I kept my A!” Kody

“Thank you so much! I did awesome on my Gen Chem 1 ACS exam and I don’t believe I would have without this.

Much appreciated!”


“I was so worried about the Final Test in Gen Chem. I tried the study guide for it, studied from the book… But nothing even came close to helping me the way you guys did! The tips on taking the Final Exam were the best! I also loved seeing the format of the ACS Exam questions. I wouldn’t have made an A in this class without you! Thank you.” Maranda

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