is donating $2 from every sale made in the month of October to help with Hurricane Recovery in the United States.

To help make this fundraising opportunity a success, is giving out its largest Coupon Code ever. The Coupon Code is good for the whole month of October. It can be used by anyone, with no limit in number of uses.


This coupon code is for 50% Off any Purchase made on For every product sold, we are giving $2 to one of the highest rated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is an Award Winning nonprofit organization operating internationally but based out of the United States. They are at the forefront of Hurricane Maria Recovery in the United States.

Direct Relief is known for low overhead on expenses and operating costs. You can read more about Direct Relief or make your own donation, and specify where the money is to be used, at

Direct Relief was founded in 1948. It has been commended for its high efficiency rating with over 80% of all funds being used for charitable programs.

Direct Relief states that “100% of donations for Hurricane Maria will be used exclusively for that effort.”

95% of Puerto Rico Without Power

The 3.4 million American Citizens of Puerto Rico are living in a post-apocalyptic world. There are 1.5 million people without clean drinking water. 95% of Puerto Rico’s electric grid is down. There’s a massive public health crisis underway.

The American People of Puerto Rico are living without power, water, or internet. It could be months before Puerto Rico has power again.

If you have the means, please make a direct donation to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Could you imagine living this way? Maybe you could. But also imagine not being able to go to school for months. Watching family members suffer. Having no communication with the outside world. No showers, TV, recharging your phone, internet, or sometimes even food or water.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading. Feel free to reply or comment any time.

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