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Be Aware of (and Avoid) These Common Mistakes in College Chemistry


If you plan your study time, you can pass chemistry. The first several times in a chemistry course may be very easy and could lull you into a false sense of security. Mastering chemistry requires you to build concept upon concept. Set aside a small segment of time each day for chemistry.

Insufficient Math Preparation

Don’t go into chemistry until you comprehend the fundamentals of algebra. Expect to work chemistry problems on an every day basis. Chemistry and physics use mathematics as an essential technique.

Not Getting Or Reading The Text

Yes, there are classes in which the text is absolutely useless or voluntary. This really isn’t one of those courses. A study guide might be of limited use, but the fundamental text is necessary.

Not Doing Your Own Work

Study guides and books with solved problems in the back are great? Yes, but only if you utilize them for assistance and not as an easy way to get your homework finished.

Here’s How to Ace Your Chemistry Class (and Your Chemistry Final)

Make Time for Chemistry

Both General Chemistry 1 and 2 take time! Students have to be able to make time for it and commit to using this time to studying and working problems.

Review the Textbook

Make an effort to go through the text well before each lecture. Ensure you read the appropriate pages that the lecture will be about.

Take Effective Notes

Take pretty good notes throughout the lecture. Shortly after class, use some of your study time to read through the text and fill your notes with more information as required.

Never Miss Chemistry Lecture or Lab

The class moves quickly and also has new material EACH CLASS. When you skip class, there is going to be missing information from your notes and there will definitely be information that you wont have.

Learn the Subject Matter

I do not suggest to memorize when I say learn. Knowing concepts is different compared to memorization. You will definitely struggle if you are dependent on memorization.

Ask Questions

If you don’t understand something, or want supplementary information, get answers. Utilize the office hours to discuss your chemistry questions if you feel you are asking too much or holding up the lesson. You could talk to other students after class.

Work Extra Problems

Solving problems is a big part of the course. working many varieties of problems until you are quick and good with them.

Study Every single day

Even if just for a few minutes, get into the habit of studying every day. As mentioned earlier, General Chemistry takes a sizable time commitment.

Take Practice Exams

If you don’t have access to practice exams for your Chemistry Tests, create your very own. If you are taking the Chemistry ACS Exam as your final, you can easily get an ACS Practice Exam on-line. Practice Tests help you study in many ways. They even lower test anxiety and can make you really feel more comfortable in the exam setting. It’s generally good to have an idea of the format of the test as well.