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Common Mistakes When Studying for Finals

Psyching Yourself Out

Calm those nerves. You will need to have a positive attitude towards your class topics if you want to be successful. Additionally, you have got to believe in yourself and that you can be a success. Especially in Chemistry.

Not Studying From The Textbook

Indeed, there are several college classes where the textbook… well… is pretty much worthless. Typically, this isn’t the case with any Chemistry class. A study guide might be of minimal use, but the fundamental text is absolutely necessary throughout the entire duration of the Chemistry class.

Not Doing Your Own Work

Study guides with the an answer key are just great… aren’t they? Yes they are… but only if you use them the right way. In fact, only use the answer key for assistance to check your work. Don’t use it as a method to figure out the answer or solve the problem. Also, don’t rely on your friends learning the material and pretend like you know it too. It just doesn’t work that way.

Poor Math Preparation at the Last Minute

Make sure you are good at the math involved with solving the Chemistry problems. Furthermore, don’t put off learning and understanding the math. You will need to be good at it, and you will need to be fast at it if you want to be successful in Chemistry.

Procrastinating is Your Worst Enemy

Look, if you are a good student and plan your study time, you should do really well on your Chemistry Final. Procrastinating can lead to getting behind on material. Getting behind on material means you won’t understand new material. Learning Chemistry requires you to build concept upon concept. Knowing Chemistry is an absolute requirement for doing well on your ACS Chemistry final… or any Chemistry final for that matter. Set aside a small segment of time each day for chemistry. Whatever you do… do not procrastinate studying for your final exam.

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