Attention All Chemistry Students! Finals Week is almost upon us!

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Always be sure to follow these simple study tips to help prepare for the your Chemistry Finals.

Always Take Really Good Notes (then refine them later)

Take good notes during the lecture. Soon after the lecture, utilize some of your study time to read through the text and complete your notes with more material as necessary.
Never Miss Chemistry Lecture or Lab. General Chemistry progresses quickly and also comes with new information EACH AND EVERY CLASS PERIOD. There will be missing details from your notes and there will be information that you do not have if you skip lecture.

Learn the Subject Matter (seems obvious… but you really need to understand the material)

I really don’t suggest to memorize when I say learn. Comprehending concepts and principles is different than memorization. If you count on memorization, you will struggle.

Make Use of Practice Exams to Test Yourself

Create your very own if you do not have practice exams for your General Chemistry Exams. You can easily find an ACS Practice Exam online if you are having to take the Chemistry ACS Exam as your final. Practice Exams help you study in several ways. They also minimize test stress and help you really feel even more comfortable in the exam setting. It’s usually effective to know the style of the test as well.

Read and Understand the Terms

Define it in your own words as soon as you begin to comprehend a term or concept. If you are unsure about your definition being correct, ask the professor to review it to find out if you are on the right track.

Be Sure to Create a Reasonable Plan (then stick to it!)

Modern Statistics and Research correlates a person’s success with their ingenuity to plan things. So, come up with a good plan for studying. Then, arrange times in advance. Also, study for exams ahead of time. Planning your study times and ways you handle chemistry will considerably maximize your opportunity for a successful semester in Chemistry.

When in Doubt, Ask Questions

If you don’t comprehend the lecture, or want additional details, ask for help. Utilize the office hours to ask your chemistry questions if you feel you are asking too much or holding up the professor. You could ask some other classmates after lecture as well.

Plan on Working Additional Problems (that aren’t for a grade)

It is incredibly important to be good at solving the problems in Chemistry. Especially the “Word Problems.” Know dimensional analysis. Be familiar with all of the different types of calculations. Know your constants and formulas. Work all sorts of problems until you are fast and good with them. This is where the majority of people have a really hard time on the exams.

Develop the “Study Everyday” Habit

Even if for 3 minutes per day… make it a habit to study chemistry every day or every other day. As you should already know, all Chemistry takes a significant time commitment.

You Must Make Time for Chemistry

Every Chemistry course in college requires time! Typically more so than other college classes. That’s just the way it is. You should be able to create time in your schedule for Chemistry.



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