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Find out What the Final Chemistry Exam is and Why it’s so hard to study for! General Chemistry students are usually unprepared and blindsided by this standardized chemistry final.

The General Chemistry Final Exam is a Standardized Chemistry Final taken by Chemistry students in many different college chemistry classes. The hardest Chemistry Test, statistically, is the General Chemistry 1 final. This is typically because Gen Chem 1 students are new to chemistry and have never taken any version of the standardized test before.

Most college chemistry professors will give little or no preparation or guidance to students for how to take the Gen Chem Final Exam. Some will recommend an official study guide for General Chemistry. This study guide is a recommended resource for studying many of the concepts in General Chemistry, but it has many issues. The study guide covers material for the Final Test for Gen Chem 1 and Gen Chem 2, but it doesn’t list or explain which sections are for which. It also dives deep into detailed solutions for the questions it explains. The explanations seem to be written more for a Inorganic Chemist or a Professor than for a Gen Chem 1 student. It does not cover any tips, tricks, or easier ways to solve or remember things. It simply states dry chemistry explanations that it assumes you will understand. It doesn’t cover anything that’s actually about the final exam itself. It doesn’t discuss the format or anything. It also has a lot of really hard material that will probably not be on the gen chem 1 exam. Most of the study guides have also been updated very little over the past 15 or so years.

The final exams are almost always 1 hour and 50 minute standardized tests that are 70 questions long. The exams are meant to be taken on a scantron. They also instruct to give students only 1 piece of blank, white, scratch paper. You are allowed to have 2 pencils, and a non-programmable calculator. The Gen Chem final exam covers a wide range of topics from Atomic Structure, to Laboratory safety. Some questions take a long time to answer, and some are very quick to answer. Regardless, all questions weigh the same and are each worth 1 point.

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