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Follow the simple, yet essential tips below to improve your grade in your Gen Chem course.

1. Make Time for Chemistry

Both General Chemistry 1 and 2 take time! Students must be able to create time for chemistry and dedicate that time to study and working problems.
Review the Textbook. Make an effort to go through the textbook well before every lecture. Make sure you read the correct section in which the lecture will refer to.

2. Take Fantastic Notes

Take good notes during the lecture. Following the lecture, utilize some of your study time to read through the textbook and write in your notes with more relevant information as required.

3. Never Miss Chemistry Lecture or Lab

General Chemistry progresses fast and also has new information EACH CLASS. When you miss lecture, there is going to be missing information from your notes and there will be relevant information that you wont have.

4. Learn the Information

I do not mean memorize when I say learn. Understanding concepts is different than memorization. You will definitely have a hard time if you depend on memorization.

5. Question What You Don’t Understand

If you don’t understand the lecture, or need supplementary details, ask the professor. Utilize the office hours to discuss your chemistry questions if you sense that you are asking too many or delaying the lecture. You can talk to other students after lecture.

6. Work Problems

Doing Chemistry problems is a huge aspect of the course. working many types of problems until you are fast and good with them.
Study Daily. Even if just for 10 minutes, get into the habit of studying on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier, General Chemistry takes a significant time commitment.

7. Study Small Chunks of Material

Never get overwhelmed by all of the information in chemistry. Study one small part at a time. Go on to the next section when you feel you are understanding the idea or properly do a problem or two.

You can also study Small Chunks of Material by watching videos on YouTube. Many students do this to help get a quick and different perspective on the material.

8. Create a Plan

Research indicates that the amount of success a college student obtains highly relies on their ability to stick to a plan. Have a solid plan for chemistry. Plan study times in advance. Study for exams early. Planning your study sessions and ways you handle chemistry will dramatically increase your chance for success in Chemistry.

9. Take Practice Tests

Create your own if you do not have access to practice exams for your General Chemistry Exams. If you are using the Chemistry ACS Exam as your final, you will be able to find an ACS Practice Exam on the internet. Practice Exams can help you study in various ways. They even reduce exam stress and can make you really feel even more comfortable in the test environment. It’s usually good to learn the style of the test too.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your finals!


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